Hammond's Candies

In 1920, Carl T. Hammond, Sr. started Hammond’s Candy Company, and today we continue the tradition of making handmade classic treats with the finest ingredients.
We celebrate over 100 years of making handmade classic treats that are one-of-a-kind and absolutely delicious. Our secret ingredient is the same Hammond’s careful craftsmanship that our founder, Carl T. Hammond, Sr., put into all of his original family recipes. Old-fashioned and delicious, you can taste it in every bite. What was true in 1920 is still true today …”nothing is more important than quality.” Join us in celebrating 100 years of smiles & sweets!
Min Opening: $300
Minimum Reorder: $300
June Special (offer ends 6/30) – Lollipops & Candies ASAP ship Orders 10%
Chocolate Summer Special (offer ends 9/30) – $200+ Chocolate order 22% Freight Cap
Holiday Prebook (offer ends 7/31) – $500+ 10% freight cap, 50% off empty shipper, must ship by 11/20