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Apparel for everyone in the family - Itsa Girl Thing, Straight Up Southern, Lily Grace, Topwater

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Our goal is to make people smile when they pick up our products.
At Koss Creative, it is our mission to create excitement and loyalty through the development and growth of our 4 unique brands: Itsa Girl Thing, Straight Up Southern, Lily Grace, and Topwater. As a company, we are committed to honesty, trust, open communication, and an overarching passion for what we do.

Itsa Girl Thing is focused on empowering girls of all ages to be themselves, be carefree, and express their beliefs and bright personalities through our designs and products. Itsa Girl Thing encourages girls and women to grow in confidence, and find a style that resonates with them through all seasons of life. It’s no secret that a great outfit boosts confidence, and that is exactly what Itsa Girl Thing strives to do. We want to empower our customers with shirts to feel comfortable and courageous.

Straight Up Southern prioritizes affordable tees that allow Southerners to wear their lifestyle. Straight Up Southern men and women are leaders of their own pack. They work hard and play hard and aren’t afraid to stand for what they believe in. They’re passionate about their freedoms, their country, and their Southern values. Our goal is to give our customers an easy, affordable, and comfortable way to show everyone their personality.

Lily Grace inspires young women to be carefree and confident. Lovingly referred to as “bees,” our customers are queens of their own social hives. They are bubbly, sweet, but not afraid to sting! Lily Grace customers are purpose-driven and successful. Friendships and family are important to Lily Grace bees.

Topwater is inspired by long summer days spent by the water. Whether it’s fishing on the dock, soaking up the sun by sea, camping on the creekside, or cruising with our favorite friends and family on the lake; it’s exactly where we want to be. Topwater has a relaxed and comfortable feel that helps you unwind and enjoy a cold drink on a warm day.
Min Opening: $250 per brand
Minimum Reorder: Open
Everyday Promo – $750+ Free Freight