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Papersalt is a multi-award winning line of gifts, books and stationery. Our products are regularly recognized in the gift industry for both excellence and uniqueness. We’re also made right here in the USA. We design, manufacture and fulfill from our Pacific Northwest facility. Founded in 2012, we set out to create inspiring and educational content for kids and families. Since then, we have evolved into a company with the goal of making unique and trendy gifts that inspire, spread kindness, and laughter – however that may be. Our line now has over 700 products to choose from – ranging from trendy barware, accessories and totes, to gifts/books for kids and families. And at the front of it all – we create everything with quality and design in mind.
Min Opening: $200
Minimum Reorder: $100
April Special (offer ends 4/30) – Free display when filled & 5% Freight Cap (does not include displays 100074, 100702)