Santa Barbara

Unique items for your home or gifts
Santa Barbara Design Studio is a lifestyle brand that represents high-end trends and elevated entertaining with creative and clever designs. Through imagination and intentional designs, we strive to create a vibe that is fun, fab, and unique. Specializing in home décor, kitchen essentials, tote bags and drinkware, we continually have something for everyone. Our creative team works across the country from Santa Barbara to Tennessee. We span the globe to find colors, textures and materials that will excite the spirit and speak to everyone’s personal and eclectic style. Our roots started in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, and have since moved to the desert in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Keeping true to our name as a design studio, we are constantly looking for innovative artists that have an inspiring style and fit into the lifestyle and vibe of Santa Barbara Design Studio. Enjoy!
Min Opening: $100
Minimum Reorder: $100
Web Promo – CC Only – Specials are Brand Specific, must use promo drop down (CANNOT COMBINE SPECIALS) (PUT PROMO CODE FOR SPECIAL IN THE NOTES) Freight Cap: 15% Freight Cap on all orders *Free Freight – does not include additional charges for Lift Gate, etc. for LTL shipments