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Xplorer Maps crafts stunning hand-drawn maps of National Parks and Travel Destinations, offering a collection of 60+ story maps.
With a robust presence in wholesale for over 12 years, our products grace shelves across the nation. In November 2023, we proudly inaugurated our new headquarters in Missoula, which has since evolved into a dynamic hub for connecting people and places through the art of storytelling and a diverse array of events. As a registered “Made in Montana” local business, Xplorer Maps offers a distinctive and top-tier travel or tour gift option, imbued with authenticity and quality. Our mission is both straightforward and profound: to champion public lands and cultivate a spirit of community and discovery. Stepping into our boutique gallery and gift store, visitors quickly discern that we offer more than mere merchandise – we’re a lively nexus where individuals and groups gather to honor our planet’s splendor and safeguard its future for generations to come. At Xplorer Maps, we cherish the art of storytelling and the enchantment of exploration. Hence, we curate diverse events designed to unite people, forge bonds, and kindle a love for discovery. As proud members of 1% for the Planet, Xplorer Maps allocates a portion of proceeds from each sale towards various global nonprofit organizations. These partners share our commitment to conserving and safeguarding our public lands. Through our journeys and professional endeavors, we’ve encountered numerous remarkable individuals and groups dedicated to various approaches to preserving our public lands.