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Young's Inc. + Victoria Leland

Crafting Beautiful Home Accent Pieces with Care and Creativity Since 1988 + We are dedicated to curating and delivering a beautiful collection of women’s apparel and accessories that embody current trends and radiate timeless beauty.
Our Michigan-based office is where we design many of our unique home accent pieces. Our dedicated team of designers thoughtfully plan and craft products that can transform your living space into a cozy and inviting home.
Min Opening: $250
Minimum Reorder: $150
SHOP SPECIAL (Expires 7/31): Spring VLD Prebook – $250+ 7/1 dating, $500+ 7/1 dating & one item 40% off, $1000+ 7/1 dating, 10% & one item 40% off Garden Prebook – $500+ 7/1 dating,$1000+ 10% & 7/1 dating Seasonal Fall/Christmas – $500+ 10% & 12/10 dating,
Valentine St Pat/4th/Easter/Garden (offer ends 9/30)
New/Lost Customer – $250+ Free Freight (can not combine with above specials)